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Christmas on Primrose Hill

Christmas on Primrose Hill

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2011, 2015 – Christmas in Primrose Hill has more than one surprise for Nettie and it’s too big to fit underneath the tree.

  • ISBN: 978-1447280132
  • Genre: Fiction, Humour, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Nettie Watson works in Marketing but this latest scene to dress up as a giant blue bunny is not the kind of thing she had in mind. But when the campaign goes viral in unexpected ways, she is thrown into a whirlwind of an experience that is even wild for her.

She attracts the attention of the world’s media as her twitter account and Facebook stats go mad and is particularly excited when one of the world’s most eligible bachelors starts to follow her. He seems keen to meet her and that’s when the real adventure begins.

What on earth has this social media storm unleashed? And what about her quiet Christmas in Primrose Hill?

Travel Guide

London as seen through the eyes of a very large blue bunny. Yes, you read that right as from the moment, Nettie dons the suit for a up and coming marketing campaign, that’s when the real fun begins. Stood at the top of a plinth in the city’s Trafalgar Square, the tourist hotspot becomes one of social media madness and that’s before the real fun begins.

Nettie’s life is one round of parties and more parties. From the new vodka bar on Prince Albert Toad or a rather  busy film premier in Leicester Square, the city is abuzz with music and parties. Nettie is in the middle of this but for the latest campaign she’s working on – to raise awareness for testicular cancer,  the stakes are high given the importance of the issue.

How to raise awareness for the cause? Make it fun and interesting and a laugh a minute ride through the perils of marketing and social media madness. Where the Shard takes on a whole new angle and the O2 arena has never seemed so dangerous! Belgrave Square is the setting for some planking, Somerset House for some skating and  Top Shop on Oxford Street for some serious serious shopping antics!

When you meet a film star at a premiere and they seem to like you, follow you on social media and then want to meet up, should Nettie  allow this London whirl wind to whip her up into a state of frenzy or let the quiet twinkling lights of Primrose Hill to bring her back down to earth?

Booktrailer Review

Clare @thebooktrailer

A tale of social media madness gone wrong but with a very serious message at its core. Testicular cancer must be hard to write about in a plot but Karen weaves it into a tale of social media craziness that gives the message in a fun and light way.Then there’s the subplot about her family which gave another harder edge to the story. Difficult subjects raised but for me the real story was that of how social media can explode in an instant and what the result from this false and fabricated world can result it. I couldn’t see myself dressing up as a blue bunny in London but it did bring changes to Nettie’s life that she might not have had otherwise.

Primrose Hill and its snowy landscape is not the real setting of the story but rather the chaotic landscape of a social media campaign going viral and having very different results from the one that is expected. A fun look at the modern day maze of marketing that’s for sure. So next time you’re in Trafalgar Square, just look up….just in case.

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