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The Murder Stone (Inspector Gamache 4)

The Murder Stone (Inspector Gamache 4)

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2000s:  Three Pines is  a nice place for a relaxing holidays isn’t it? Not if you’ve read the first three books it’s not and certainly not in this one…

  • ISBN: 978-0751547535
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

Irene Finney and her four grown-up children are a well to do and cultured family. They’ve come to Manoir Bellechasse for a nice summer relaxing break and a memorial to their late father.

However it not a peaceful time as the heat causes a great deal of tension and when a body is found the day after the ceremony making the family mourn all over again.

Chief Inspector Gamache suddenly finds himself in the middle of a murder enquiry and starts by looking at the possible motives that the staff may have had. The victims seems to have had quite a few enemies it would seem.

Instead of being a peaceful retreat, this remote location seems to be a retreat into the darkest recesses of the human mind.

Travel Guide

Reading Louise Penny’s novels is like reading your way through the Canadian landscape and seasons. We’ve had the cold winters and the snow covered villages with dead bodies underneath them, but now we move out of the village of Three Pines and into the remote landscape of the surroundings of Manoir Bellechasse, modelled on the very real Manoir Hovey.

The perfect escape for a Three Pines resident but not so much for Gamache who sees his anniversary interrupted by a murder. once again the backdrop adds perfectly to the crime and enhances it with sights, sounds and mystery  – a remote locations and a peaceful haven  – or so they think.

A lovely difference with this novel was the descriptions of Quebec and its history – there is an interesting perspective on the success of the Quebecois in the 1960  when young people apparently left Quebec as they found t hard to get work if they didn’t speak French – “They lost their children for the sake of a language.” an interesting thought for an apparently dual language society.

If you find yourself in the Quebec area and think you might be in Three Pines – how does that child manage to teach an adult into throwing biscuits and getting them to stick to the ceiling? Somethings can not be explained, even in Three Pines.

Streetview Maps

1) QC - "Manoir Bellechasse"
Is Hovey Manor Bellechasse?
2) Stanbridge East - "Three Pines" on TV
See the colour of the trees next to the river

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