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  • Location: Québec, Three Pines (fictional), Queen Charlotte Islands

The Brutal Telling (Inspector Gamache 5)

The Brutal Telling (Inspector Gamache 5)

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2000s: Three Pines was not like any other village. “Every Québec village has a vocation”. “Some make cheese, some wine, some pots. We produce bodies.”

  • ISBN: 978-0751547580
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

We are back to Three Pines in this book – that lovely quiet and somewhat murderous part of montreal – the body of an unknown man is found in the local  bistro. This however is the darkside of Three Pines – the dark side of human nature comes out as investigations in to the mystery man’s death and the fact that Olivier who owns the bistro might not be who we think he is.

Mystery upon mystery and a look into the human condition. A look also at the thrill of solving actual clues such as the use of the Caesar shift, which takes us into the area of code breaking.

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Even though we are back in Three Pines, this reads as a different book to the previous four – changes are happening in the atmosphere an with the characters. Both are beautifully developed and expanded upon here, the humour is cranked up and the pivotal figure of Gamache is at his best. There is less of the other policemen here but the larger cast list adds to the story as does the visits to the islands around Montreal particularly that of Emily Carr territory on the West Coast. Gamache takes a trip to the Queen Charlotte Islands and brings out the story of the Haida and the loggers and Canadian artist Emily Carr.

Penny loves to write about her characters – we’re sure she can see, feel and breathe them as they appear so real and vibrant. One character says “I decided since I turned fifty, I needed to get into shape.” She smiled fully then. “Or at least into a different shape. I’m aiming for pear rather than apple.” She patted her stomach. “Thought I suspect my nature is to be the whole orchard.”

As well as the humour and the characters, there is a layer of mystery and intrigue with this novel that exceeds the others. Olivier is not all he seems and there is a mention of the first editions of certain books that could help in the clues.

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5) Stanbridge East - "Three Pines" on TV
The houses of Three Pines
5) Stanbridge East - "Three Pines" on TV
See the colour of the trees next to the river

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