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  • Location: North East England, Lewes, Aberfeldy, Copenhagen

The Death Messenger

The Death Messenger

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2000s: Track a stalker. Catch a killer.

  • ISBN: 978-1447291107
  • Genre: Crime, Police Procedural, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

When a mysterious DVD is delivered to Northumbria Police Headquarters, DS Matthew Ryan and Detective Superintendent Eloise O’Neil are among the few to view its disturbing content. With little to go on the only lead comes from the anonymous and chilling woman’s voice narrating the blood-soaked lock-up depicted on screen.

But with no victim visible, nor any indication of where the unidentifiable crime scene is located, Ryan and O’Neil get the distinct feeling someone is playing with them.

As further shocking videos start arriving at police stations around the country, the body count rises. But what connects all the victims? And why are they being targeted?

Travel Guide

The Ryan and O’Neill Tour of murder and mystery

North East England

Like with the best of Mari Hannah novels, this one is firmly rooted in the North East with Northumbria police being the centre of the investigations. The two man chracters work in this force and drive around the streets to visit suspects and victims. They are soon on the road however as video tapes and clues are received by forces up and down the country. The Fish Quay here smells more fishy than normal and just  up the road in Whitely Bay, the investigation takes an interesting turn.


Aberfeldy is the place for a major part of the  investigation. Visit the police station and head to the River Tay to see if you can spot a folly or monument. It could mark the spot for something…On your way back down to Newcastle, do a Ryan and pop into the Oxford Bar in Edinburgh where the Rebus creator likes a drink or two as does his copper creation Rebus.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The police head to the Danish capital when the investigation takes another turn. The officer they meet ‘Is no Sarah Lund” and is rather more Lisbeth Salander. They stay in the capital for just one night but there’s a nice Danish flavour with allusions to the smell of the sea which makes them both feel homesick. Try getting a room in the Marriot on Kalevebod Brygge like in the novel.


Streetview Maps

A) NE England - North Shields Fish Quay
B) NE England - Police station Forth Banks
D) Scotland - Aberfeldy - Police station
F) Denmark - Copenhagen police station

Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

Ryan and O’Neil are back ….with a bang. A complicated case of videos being sent to police up and down the country, victims left right and centre and with no obvious links.. this is a meaty thriller to really get those teeth into.

Ryan and O’Neil really shine in this book – their relationship, arguments, mutual respect yet love hate relationship develops and is at the centre of this case. There’s backstory which builds up a very interesting picture of them both and I loved the way they interacted with each other through the lighter moments as well as the darker ones. A tough investigation this one, so when they bring in someone to help them, the Silent Room of book one comes into play allowing for some very exciting police work and insight into a troubling investigation.

There was no let up in this book – fast paced, meaty detail on each page. It’s a twisty case and chapters from the killer;’s point of view work really well. There’s many moments of light hearted banter too such as, when the case takes them to Copenhagen( Not a spoiler) they observe that the officer “is no Sarah Lund”. Lisbeth Salander seems to be hanging round the edges of this case.

Locations wise, it’s Newcastle to North Shields, Lewes and Scotland then off to Copenhagen. The real gem of this book is as if you’re getting an insight into what it’s really like working in a small cell of officers on a very tough case. Secrecy is the order of the day. It’s gripping, seemingly very authentic in language and procedures and a gritty and fascinating case which unravels before your eyes. I was captivated by the relationship between Ryan and O’Neil in many ways and I NEED book three now to see what happens next. They’ve been through the ringer with this case.

Mari’s wit and style comes through the gripping story with such events as when Ryan stops off en route to an investigation to visit the Rebus pub, and someone picks up an Yrsa Sigurðardóttir novel…

The banter between the four main characters – love it. Dialogue is some of the best I’d read in a novel of this kind – it’s so real you can hear the stutters, hesitations, feel the breath in your ear.

Kick ass fiction I’m calling this. A favourite line which stands out – This was serious sh*t, not Marks and f***king Spencer.”

Apt, as this is not just not any kind of thriller, it’s a Mari Hannah thriller.

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Destination:North East England, Lewes, Aberfeldy, Copenhagen  Author/Guide: Mari Hannah   Departure Time: 2000s

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