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  • Location: London, Newcastle, Oxford

Without a Trace

Without a Trace

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: What happened to Jo in book 6? Find out here!

  • Genre: Police Procedural

What you need to know before your trail


A plane on route from London to New York City has disappeared out of the sky. This breaking news dominates every TV channel, every social media platform, and every waking hour of the Metropolitan Police and US Homeland Security.


The love of DCI Kate Daniels’ life was on that aircraft, but she has no authority to investigate. This major disaster is outside of her jurisdiction and she’s ordered to walk away.


But Kate can’t let it lie. She has to find out what happened to that plane – even if it means going off book. No one is safe.

And there are some very dangerous people watching her…

Travel Guide

Travel to Heathrow and Oxford via Newcastle with Kate Daniels

The major locations in this book are the airports of Newcastle and in particular Heathrow. Heathrow and the surrounding area are where Kate Daniels and the team set up to work on the investigation. American Homeland Security are also involved but most of the action takes place in and around the airport. A hotel is also in the story here!

Further afield, there’s a search for something which takes them to Oxford and the pub The Old Swan which reminds Kate of the pub of the same name in Harrogate where the Theakstons Crime Festival takes place every July.

Might not want to read this if you are about to go on a plane!

There’s a little bit of Newcastle in the mix but not much. What features however is enough to remind you of Kate, Jo and their previous cases and life.

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Destination/location: London, Newcastle upon Tyne, Oxford  Author/guide: Mari Hannah Departure Time: 2000s

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