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  • Location: Glasgow

Picture Her Dead (Rhona Macleod 8)

Picture Her Dead (Rhona Macleod 8)

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Glasgow’s past ‘Cinema City’ is portrayed here in all its glory….

  • ISBN: 978-0340992944
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

When art student Jude Evans disappears on a photographic visit to a derelict Glasgow cinema, her friend Liam knows just who is the best person to look for her. His birth mother, forensic scientist Dr. Rhona MacLeod

The trail to find her is a dark yet interesting one for they have to delve into a long list of Glasgow cinemas past and present. With each one, they find clues as to what she was looking into and possibly what she found.

Even the horrifying secret she may have discovered behind the scenes of the big silver screen..

Travel Guide

Glasgow – “Cinema City”

Seventy years ago, Glasgow was home to over 130 picture places which could accommodate an astounding 175, 000 film fans every day. With more cinemas per person than any other city outside America, Glasgow earned the title “Cinema City’. This is not just a tour of the cinemas though – it’s a tour into its past and the present with the students of the modern day School of Art getting more involved with the city and its past than they would like.

Bridgeton cinema  – There’s a death in the cinema here

Rosevale – one of the city’s largest cinemas – a death has been  discovered here

Govanhall Cinema – It’s quite quirky this one as it’s now in a residential street but the great facade of this past picture house stands tall and proud.

Glasgow School of Art – Jude Evans disappears whilst photographing the Rosevale cinema. She goes to the school of Art.

Streetview Maps

B) Glasgow - Site of the old Rosevale Cinema
D) Glasgow - Govanhall cinema

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information: Picture Her Dead (Rhona Macleod 8)

Author/ Guide: Lin Anderson  Destination: Glasgow   Departure Time : 2000s

Twitter: @lin_anderson  Facebook : Lin Anderson Web: lin-anderson.blogspot

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