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  • Location: Orkney islands, Sanday, Kirkwall

None but the Dead (Rhona Macleod 11)

None but the Dead (Rhona Macleod 11)

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2000s: Sanday is one of Britain’s northernmost islands. Remote, quiet with a grave secret

  • ISBN: 978-1509806980
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Sanday, one of Britain’s northernmost islands, is not the most hospitable of places if you talking from a geographical point of view. It’s miles from anywhere, and completely cut off from the rest of the world especially when the weather is bad. The ferry only runs if the weather is ok to allow the ferry or the planes to come over during the fog and the wind.

However, when human remains are discovered to the rear of an old primary school, forensic expert Dr Rhona MacLeod and her assistant arrive to excavate the grave. It’s coming up to Midwinter so the darkness is all encompassing. Finding out who is buried here is not going to be easy.

Meanwhile, an old man has died in Glasgow and his death is thought to be linked to the island death. DS Michael McNab is dispatched to investigate but leading an investigation with no internet, no CCTV, and no police station, it’s not going to be easy.

There is going to be more than stormy weather  ahead

Travel Guide

Travel to Orkney with Rhoda McLeod – Sanday

Now, as you can see, the island is far north and is one of the Orkney islands. You can get the ferry from Kirkwall and head up there. The journey is likely to be choppy and even if you go by plane, if the wind is out to play, you’re not going to have an easy time either.


It’s midwinter and so the daylight is in short supply, so looking for a killer and examining a grave are not going to be easy tasks. The horrible find is even more disturbing since it’s close to an old primary school.

The island might be made up of a tight community and seem very pleasant at first but here, it’s a community who uses its remoteness as a shield

Nothing is welcoming here – the weather,  the landscape, the daylight or indeed the past. Modern day isn’t too pleased to see them either. There’s no police station here, and no modern technology to get things linked up to the outside world and allow an investigation to take place. How do you solve something when there’s nothing to help you?

Gale force winds and high seas are not the only things to haunt them though. The discovery of thirteen magic flowers representing the souls of dead children who had attended the island school where the body was discovered. is creepy and gives the whole claustrophobic atmosphere yet another chilling element

Evil deeds, buried secrets and weather that whips and taunts cutting you off from the outside world. Welcome to Lin Anderson’s Sanday.


Streetview Maps

A) Sanday - harbour and the sign to Kettlewell
C) Orkney - Ferry at Kirkwall

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Author/ Guide: Lin Anderson  Destination: Glasgow  Departure Time : 2000s

Twitter: @lin_anderson  Facebook : Lin Anderson Web: lin-anderson.blogspot

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