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  • Location: Edinburgh, Glasgow

Torch (Rhoda MacLeod 2)

Torch (Rhoda MacLeod 2)

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: An Arsonist is working in the build up to Hogmanay …humans and animals..no one is safe

  • ISBN: 978-0340922378
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Forensic scientist Rhona Macleod is not in her comfort zone. Outside of Glasgow, she’s in Edinburgh investigating a string of arson attacks, the latest in which a young homeless girl dies

To make matters even more difficult and challenging, Chief Fire Investigator is hot-tempered misogynist Severino Macrae, and he doesn’t like to lose face. As the attacks escalate, so too does their attraction to one another.

Complications in a case which will soon start to merge into their personal lives as well as their work.

Travel Guide


Only a short visit to the city but this is where Rhoda is based and where book one was firmly set. Kelvingrove Park and the Museum are such iconic sites in the novel and in Glasgow in real life, but in the novel these take on a dark and eerie turn and will feature in many future books as crime scenes or places of interest.

Kelvingrove Park is a classic Victorian park definitely worth a long visit!



Again a city normally high on the list for anyone visiting Scotland but this is not a guide you will see at Visit Scotland anytime soon. There’s the castle yes, and Princes Street, yes, but there are the homes of the homeless and the have nots in this novel.

Edinburgh Castle – “Through a hole in the hoarding, an illuminated Edinburgh castle looked down on her like a picture in a fairy tale”

Streetview Maps

A) Glasgow - Kelvingrove Park and Museu
C) Edinburgh - West End of Princes Street

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information: Torch (Rhona Macleod 2)

Author/ Guide: Lin Anderson  Destination: Edinburgh  Departure Time : 2000s

Twitter: @lin_anderson  Facebook : Lin Anderson Web: lin-anderson.blogspot

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