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Dead Man’s Grip (Roy Grace 7)

Dead Man’s Grip (Roy Grace 7)

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2000s: Brighton University is the scene of some very strange goings on…

  • ISBN: 978-0330515566
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller

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Carly Chase is traumatised, after being in a fatal traffic accident which kills a teenage student from Brighton University. When she discovers that the other two drivers in the accident have been found tortured and murdered, she is understandably spooked. Roy Grace investigates the case but the official police line is that she should really go into hiding. Carly disagrees as she thinks they will track her down wherever she is. She is going to take on the problem herself – to try and stop the killers herself. However is the killer one step ahead?

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Brighton University has lost one of its students and this is no ordinary student as he is from New York and has international connections which could prove dangerous to those involved in the accident. A car accident is a horrific start to any story but one mixed with drink  even more so. The deadly results of one day have so many consequences  – three very different drivers with different backgrounds and a victim whose family state they are going to avenge his death. From an accident, a contract killing results and suddenly the Dead Man’s Grip becomes one that reaches far from Brighton to New York and back again. The contract killer, nicknamed Tooth, is sent to finish the job as it were and so it’s a frightening thought to have the American Mafia roaming the streets of an English university town.

A prime example of a simple night, one moment, which sets off a serious chain of events which soon spirals out of control.

Streetview Maps

Brighton: John Street police station
Roy Grace works here and look at the size of that seagull!
Brighton: Brighton Magistrates’ Court
Where Carly meets her solicitor

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