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The House on Cold Hill

The House on Cold Hill

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2000s: Moving from Brighton to the Sussex countryside might sound idyllic..

  • ISBN: 978-1447255901
  • Genre: Fiction, Ghost/supernatural, Horror

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Ollie and Caro Harcourt and their twelve-year-old daughter Jade move away from Brighton for a new start. Ollie has dreamed of this move to the country for many years now as he has wanted to live in the countryside ever since he was small. They find Cold Hill House, a huge, dilapidated Georgian mansion which although is going to be financially draining, is still Ollie’s dream. Daughter Jade is going to love the animals and he’s going to enjoy working in a nicer environment. Wife Caro is not so sure however neither is Jade for that matter.

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There is someone else not happy that this new family are moving in to Cold Hill House. Those who already live there…..unseen.

Imagine the biggest, darkest and most mysterious house in the countryside you could ever think of. Old houses always have some kind of creaking floorboards, maybe the noise of birds or bugs in the eaves and a range of creatures in the fields outside. Some might even have a resident ghost or two  and sometimes they are very possessive of who and may be welcomed in their home.

What makes it all the more chilling is the fact that the house is so run down that Ollie and his family have to live in what is practically a building site. there is one thing after another which goes wrong and from the first thing happening, most people would probably be making a run for it, for this is no rural idyll.

There is something very cold, very cold indeed about Cold Hill House and the house stands like a ghost of its former self. If the wind howls while you read this book, be sure that they are the ghost of the past trying to tell you the secrets of that big old stone building you now call home. Try phoning for help, try Facetime and you’ll not see the image of the person you’re expecting to see…

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