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Dead Simple (Roy Grace 1)

Dead Simple (Roy Grace 1)

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2000s: A man is buried alive and his friends who did the prank are then all killed…

  • ISBN: 978-0330546010
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A stag night prank which started out as rather harmless goes very very wrong when a man who is to get married in only  a few days time is kidnapped by his friends and taken to the woods and buried alive. Leaving the scene, the friends are killed in a road traffic accident leaving the man there on his own with no way of getting out and no way of contacting his friends and family, particularly his fiancee who is getting more and more worried. Roy Grace comes onto the scene and soon notices that this story might not be all it seems.

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A prank gone wrong. If the horrific ‘game’ of being buried alive isn’t bad enough, the stuff of nightmares for most people, the fact that it’s your friends who have done it and then died in an accident leaving the scene of the crime is the stuff of the worst ind of nightmares.

The story is told by the man trapped in the coffin, from the criminals, the family and the police. And all the while, there is a man in a coffin with no way of getting out. His only means of escape has died and he is left there with the hideous throughout of thinking he will die if not found soon.

The suspense holds you tight throughout. Each of the voices tell their story with the  idea of being buried alive, wondering what you would do in that situation, overriding the entire novel.

The very person who finds the walkie talkie that was in the van which came to the rescue at the crash…..creates more hindrance than help. The frustration builds and builds and makes simple, horrific coincidence even more horrific. The deviousness of those involved is also something you’ll never forget. A great twist and turn of events and all that while, a man lies buried alive in a coffin….

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Brighton: The Van Alen Building
"If you lived here you were a someone"
Brighton Pier
The pier which features on the book's cover
Sussex County Hospital
Asheley looking like a ghost turns up at the Sussex County Hospital
The Woods off Uckfield Road
Is this where the prank goes wrong?

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