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  • Location: Brighton

Death Comes Knocking: Policing Roy Grace’s Brighton

Death Comes Knocking: Policing Roy Grace’s Brighton

Why a Booktrail?

Peter James works closely with the Brighton police when researching  his books. Now one of the policemen shows the reality of crime in Brighton

  • ISBN: 978-1509810482
  • Genre: Crime, Non-Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Graham Bartlett used to be Brighton’s Chief police officer and he takes you behind the scenes of the Brighton depicted in the Peter James novels. But this is a non- fiction read and this is the real Brighton as seen through the eyes of the officer who helped Peter create his world, but who also tells you like it really is. Scary, but this is real.

As he talks about crimes and bloody goings on in Brighton, the novels of Peter James come  into play. But this is an account of the behind the scenes work, the gruesome finds that are not confined to fictional time lines but which are very real indeed.

Travel Guide

Welcome to Peter James’and Graham Barlett’s Brighton

Peter James and his fictional police character Roy Grace is used to the murder and mystery of Brighton. He’s been involved with murderers of all descriptions, ones who lock people in basements, send weird messages and even stalk their victims. All fiction or based on fact? The author is known for his meticulous research into Brighton’s police and their work and the town in fact was once known as Britain’s ‘crime capital’.

So what is fact and fiction and what is Brighton really like? Peter James has been in the police cars himself, gone to many a crime scene (one police car even has his name on them) and has been inside a morgue or two.

Brighton Pavillion

There has been many a fictional murder and some real incidents near here

Brighton  Pier

A landmark in the city and features on one or two of the book covers as well.

See the city through the eyes of the detective AND Peter James’ Roy Grace  for a tour of the city you will never forget.

Streetview Maps

C) Brighton - Police station complete with hungry seagull!
E) Brighton - The Pavillion - the symbol of Peter James city?

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information: Death Comes Knocking: Policing Roy Grace’s Brighton

Author/ Guide: Graham Bartlett  Peter James  Destination: Brighton  Departure Time : Past and present

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