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Dead Man’s Time (Roy Grace 9)

Dead Man’s Time  (Roy Grace 9)

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1912, 2012 : From gangs in New York to antiques in Brighton – this is a Roy Grace thriller with a twist

  • ISBN: 978-1447203179
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller

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Following a  vicious robbery at a secluded Brighton mansion, its elderly occupant is attacked and left for dead. Millions of pounds worth of possessions are stolen. However there may be something far more priceless that the occupants family want back and they are willing to do anything to get it.

Detective Superintendant Roy Grace is in charge of the enquiry and  as soon as he investigates he realises that there is something a lot more to this case than first meets the eye

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Roy Grace goes international! With the novel starting and ending in New York, Roy Grace has a lot to deal with when a house full of antiques and rich posessions is burgled in Brighton. With such far reaching consequences, his investigation takes him across the pond and into a world of gangs that dates back decades. Peter James actually based his story line on a very real and very fascinating part of New York politics and it’s this angle – the ducking and diving as well as violent overtones of the Irish gangs of the city which never sleeps, mixed in with its dirty 1920s politics that drifts up out of the East River.  The Dead Rabbit Gang was a very real and very frightening  part of the city’s history and this fact is woven into a Grace case with ease.

In New York, the case begins with a young boy terrified as  someone attacks his family. Fast forward many many years and a crime in Brighton is just one of the ripples that events across the pond have now resulted in. From New York gangs to Brighton Antiques – a world of two halves which meet bang in the middle.

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NYC: Marriott Essex House Hotel
Grace investigates here
NYC: Brooklyn Waterfront
Where gang history is recreated
Brighton: Royal Pavilion Tavern pub
Roy Grace goes here to meet someone
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Roy Grace buys HIS crime thrillers here we imagine

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