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2000s: Cragside, the ideal setting for a murder mystery game – but the guests aren’t expecting a real dead body

  • ISBN: 978-1521748831
  • Genre: Crime, Mystery, Police Procedural

What you need to know before your trail

DCI Ryan is back, having survived the killer they call The Hacker and is now spending the summer with his fiancée within the grounds of Cragside, a spectacular Bavarian-style mansion surrounded by acres of woodland.

They are invited to attend the staff summer party – a Victorian murder mystery evening.  It’s all a joke until the lights go out and an elderly man is found dead. For real. This is not part of the game – well at least not a game DCI Ryan and his team want to play

Then a second body is found. And the stakes of this game just got higher

Travel Guide


Cragside is a Victorian country house near the town of Rothbury in Northumberland. It’s the perfect house for a mystery or a story of any kind as it’s a very iconic building for many reasons.

It was the home of William Armstrong, founder of the Armstrong Whitworth armaments firm. William wore many hats in his time – that of scientist, industralist and he was also somewhat of a philanthropist. He also invented the hydraulic crane and the Armstrong gun.

Secrets of the house

Cragside is the first house in the world to be lit using hydroelectric power. The house was advanced as the gardens and grounds. Armstrong built dams and created lakes to power a sawmill, a water-powered laundry and more besides.

Later, William Armstrong became Baron Armstrong, of Cragside.

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A) Northumberland - Cragside
A) Northumberland - Cragside

BookTrail Boarding Pass: Cragside

Destination: Cragside, Northumberland   Authour/guide:   L J Ross Departure Time: 2000s

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