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Revolutionary riding in Iran – Lois Pryce

  • Submitted: 18th January 2018

Riding around Iran with Lois Pryce There's an adventurer and then there's an adventurer - Lois Pryce wanted to go to Iran - a country…

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A BookTrail around Florence with T A Williams

  • Submitted: 15th January 2018

Who doesn't  dream of Florence? You can go there at any time  for the price of a book.....T A Williams has one brilliant guided tour for…

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Vera does Northumberland

  • Submitted: 14th January 2018

There's a certain magic when a book and its characters are brought to life for the small screen. Vera is one character that is larger…

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Wandering amongst history in Suffolk with Erica James

  • Submitted: 11th January 2018

Coming Home to Island House is a tale of past, present and future. It's a story of a dysfunctional family cusp of wartime  - a woman…

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Guy Bolton does LA

  • Submitted: 10th January 2018

In Hollywood, the glitz and glamour can blind you so you need a good guide....the man who knows this city better than most....Guy Bolton.... So,…

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There Was a Time

1940: A story of how one Lincolnshire village came to stand up to Hitler

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