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  • Location: Cornwall, Falmouth, Helford

Under a Cornish Sky

Under a Cornish Sky

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2000s: Under a Cornish sky, Boscawen stands as a house with many secrets.

  • ISBN: 978-1409148272
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Demi is on the sleeper train down to Cornwall looking out of the window and wondering why her life seems to always go wrong. She’s just missed out on her dream job and been betrayed by her boyfriend and so is on her way to stay with her grandfather in his home.

Meanwhile Victoria dreams of the Cornish house she is set to inherit – Boscawen has been in her family for generations. Her loveless marriage is over and her husband dead so this house she decides is going to be her future.

One Cornish house – with such far reaching effects of both women

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Boscawen -a very Cornish name. It’s name is evocative of the secrets and history it hides away in each and every brick. This house has history – there is even traces of characters past .

The gardens of this house are important – the flora and fauna of the area are evocative and stunning in their colour and their fragrance which drifts from the page. The book cover itself shows the gorgeous cliff top path, illustrating the surroundings of the area and the attraction that both women feel to the area.

The flowers of Cornwall

Flowers and gardens play an important role in this novel. It’s as if the flowers of Cornwall each has their secret to share and as they shift in the breeze, one more part of the puzzle falls into place. Plants which grew in the past and those which flourish there now. Plants, fragrances and meanings which reveal a hidden past. Victoria feels a unique connection to her childhood home and her garden is vital to her on so many levels. She also has roots here just like the flowers she loves. One tree seems to evoke memories of fairies and folklore.

Under the Cornish sky, the magic of Cornwall enchants and bewitches.

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