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  • Location: Cornwall

The Cornish House

The Cornish House

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2000s: An inherited house in Cornwall starts to reveal its secrets

  • ISBN: 978-1409142744
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

When artist Maddie inherits a house in Cornwall she hopes that it will herald a new start. Her husband has recently died and she wants a change of scenery for her and her step daughter.

The house is a white-washed Cornish haven – Trevenen – which is steeped in history and intrigue. Maddie is hoping that  it will be a haven in every sense of the word, but she becomes interested in its past and starts to delve into it. She also intends to find out more about the Cornish community and those who live nearby. Trevenen  is something she needs to know more about if she and Hannah are going to survive their tragedy.

Travel Guide

Trevenen is beautiful but neglected, a rambling house steeped in history. See it on the cover and be amazed. This is a nice, quiet house tucked away in the Cornish countryside. A house with a varied history and many stories to tell.

The Cornish House

A gorgeous house in serious need of repair – mirrors the state of its characters and their need to recuperate. The house and the community around it are different experiences for Hannah and Maddie as they come to terms with their grief in a new place.  The house is painted with varying shades of the paintbrush . When Maddie enters Trevenen for the first time

“The disturbance caused dust to swirl and a sigh seemed to emerge from the walls.”

This house is set right at the heart of a small and compact Cornish village – where everyone knows each other and where two outsiders come in and try to immerse themselves and recover the house as well as their health. Trevenen House – inspired by Penventon Hall which is now a hotel – the author built her house from the history she learnt of the Penventon family.


The seascapes, the rough crashing waves, the wind, the open air and ramshackle cottage is painted with a delicate brush with strokes of multiple colour and pages which turn to take you right into the heart of Cornwall.

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"The Cornish House"?
Penventon Hall

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