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  • Location: Helford

A Cornish Stranger

A Cornish Stranger

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2000s: There’s an old Cornish saying: ‘Save a stranger from the sea, he’ll turn your enemy . . .’

  • ISBN: 978-1409148241
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Gabriella Blythe moves into her grandmother Jaunty’s remote Cabin in Frenchman’s Creek in Cornwall. Jaunty is getting rather frail but it’s been her home for years and so she has no intention to leave. She used to be an artist and so knows the area better than most. Her past is here too – she remembers the sinking of the Lancasteria during the war.

Then one day a stranger turns up at her door. Introducing himself as Finn, he says that he has been left a painting in a family legacy – a delicate watercolour of a remote cabin rather like hers – and he is determined to find out more about it.

They both start to remove the layers of the mystery and the painting until a shocking secret is all that remains.

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Frenchman’s Creek

This is the heart of Cornwall – a remote cabin in Frenchman’s Creek, an old lady who has been as much a part of the landscape as the house itself. At 92 she has seen and heard more than most. She starts to record her thoughts and memories in a diary ready for Gabriella to read.

Frenchman’s Creek and Helford are mixed up in their pasts. When Finn arrives at the house he has been stranded by the Cornish storms, his boat having been taking out to sea. The artist’s studio attached to the house is his new refuge. The creek and the storm bring Finn, Jaunty and Gabriella all together. Their destinies and the house are all wrapped up in one reclusive cottage which harks back to time of tragedy.

The setting of Frenchman’s Creek  from the tides to the isolation is the perfect setting to evoke a place of healing and one where secrets are likely to spill out into the open.

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