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  • Location: Cornwall, Helford

A Cornish Affair

A Cornish Affair

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2000s: Pengarrock, a decaying cliff-top mansion in Cornwall, has secrets tucked away in its library and its crevices..

  • ISBN: 978-1409137498
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Life and her upcoming marriage becomes to much for Jude and she decides to run from the church at the last minute. With everyone,mouths agape, she doesn’t look back but decides to flee her life and decide what she should do next.

She travels to Cornwall and gets a job at Pengarrock, a crumbling cliff-top mansion and the home of the Trevillion family’s extensive library. She loves her new start in life and becomes busy in the house but then the new owner turns up and the mood changes. There seems to be secrets within this house, something of a tragedy happened many years earlier and suddenly Jude forgets her own sorrow and becomes utterly captivated by the house and its own fate – both of which are very much intertwined.

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Pengarrock is a decaying cliff-top mansion in Cornwall, with a huge library which needs to be tidied and sorted out. A dreamy place indeed.

The old house casts a spell on Jude and it also has a family chapel which she thinks might be linked to the family history. The romance of the setting and the mystery of the Trevillion family are as captivating as each other.

“The lights flickered and then came on again. Silence descended on the house”

This house is creaky and old and smells of history and secrets tucked away. Secrets to uncover which involve family jewels. Richly couloured sparkling gems which could help to salvage the crumbling mansion, once itself a gem on the Cornish landscape.

Such a house has its heart and history carved deep inside the Cornish countryside. Pengarrock sounds rocky and wild, has stunning views and Jude realises that the isolation especially in the past must have been both a blessing and a curse.

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Helford post office - cute!
Helford - the bay opposite the village

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