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  • Location: Bejing

The Firemaker

The Firemaker

Why a Booktrail?

1990s: The Firemaker arrives in Bejing

  • ISBN: 978-0857053961
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

The Firemaker is about to make its presence felt. Beijing detective Li Yan has a troubling case on his hands. A grotesquely burned corpse has been found in a city park  and he needs help solving the case. He’s devoted to his career more than most for his family lost respect during the Cultural Revolution.

Forensic pathologist Margaret Campbell gets involved in teh case. She knows about throwing yourself into your work to escape your thoughts and so she is keen to get to the bottom of things.

Campbell and Li makes for a strange partnership and soon a fiery and volatile chemistry ignites….

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Beijing life  – such a vivid setting evoked with sights, sounds and smells of the outdoor restaurants, the heat of the sun, the dust of the streets and the noisy chaos of  the crowds and busy scenes.

The setting described so colourfully and in such detail:

“The sun was dipping lower in the late afternoon, dazzling though the dust and insect that caked the windscreen”

With the streets and settings so clear, you could even get your own way around the city. You might want to be careful of sitting down and eating some of the delicacies on offer however after having reading this novel. The city is in the process of change and the signs are everywhere:

Forbidden City

The cultural differences between America and China are examined at every turn. Cultural sayings, proverbs, differences in police work and the changes that Beijing is facing such as on the issue of human rights. This novel was first published in 1999 so that some mentions are now out of date but interesting to see which changes have made and how things have stayed the same.

The intricate procedural work of the Beijing detective, Li Yan and the American pathologist, Margaret Campbell and their complex relationship gives an insight into the topics of genetic modification  and post-mortems.

And not forgetting the Chinese food, the pancakes and the other ‘ delicacies’

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