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The Lewis Man – (Lewis trilogy 2)

The Lewis Man – (Lewis trilogy 2)

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1950s, 2000s:  A body is found in a bog on the Isle of Lewis

  • ISBN: 978-0857382207
  • Genre: Mystery

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Fin McLeod is now a different man from The Blackhouse (book 1) for he has resigned from the police force, divorced his wife and moved back to the Island.

When DNA samples are checked from the body, it turns out that the body is related to a man now suffering from dementia. Fin has to try and find out the truth as this man has periods of lucidity. Can the secrets of the past ever be uncovered and how do they affect the relatives still living?

This book is a tragic and often harrowing tale of how orphaned children were treated in the 1950’s

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“Fin looked down out at the late afternoon at the ragged fingers of rock that reached out into the Minch, water breaking white all around them.”

From the moment the body is found in the peat bog, the island of Lewis creeps not only into your conscious but into your soul. A sense of foreboding and mystery, the waves crash the craggy rock edges of the island, the communities are battered by the high winds and the secrets that they keep.

Now that Finn has moved back to his childhood island, he is seeing in through new eyes. He has left his job in Edinburgh and so has returned to his parent’s house in order to restore it and live there. When it turns out that the body is linked to Fin’s childhood sweetheart, things get more personal. Her father Tormod now has dementia and like the broken pieces of his mind, the story comes out in fragments of regret and recriminations.

Tormod’s past could hold the key to the whole mystery and as Finn delves into this a dark secret emerges. It’s chilling that a somewhat unwritten part of Scotland’s history – where children were removed to the islands should be woven into a crime and mystery novel. Side by side, fiction and fact really do create a fascinating mix.

The island once again is cold, dark and desolate, this time even more so with the shadow of dementia and past painful memories.

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