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2000s: Summer in Reykjavík is just as deadly as the cold crisp winter in the hands of Quentin Bates…

  • Genre: Crime, novella

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Summer in Reykjavík has been hot and many people are still on holiday. Those who aren’t wishes that they were. Life is good, things are quiet and those summer days seem never ending.

But then a man is missing from his home in the suburbs and Gunna and Helgi are sent to investigate. The missing man seems to have had a few secrets and a sinister set of friends. Gunna investigates further and is soon on the trail of a fugitive from both the law and from the underworld. But time is running out for Gunna who has one hell of a job finding both the missing man or the man who wants him dead – or at least one of them before the worst happens.

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With the summer coming to an end, the chilling pace and sense of place does not abate any in Summer Chill. Winter is just around the corner after all and its the winter depression which people wait nervously for.

“The vagaries of Iceland’s weather meant that any weekend now could be the last one of summer”

In this Iceland, there is a lot lurking beneath the icy layers of life. The Criminal underworld is rampant and lurking beneath Reykjavík’s shadows. Criminal gangs go to extreme lengths to get what they want or what they think they are owed and the extortion racket stretches far and beyond the expected.

It’s into this world that carpenter Logi gets drawn into when he attends a job and it’s the customers who are dodgy rather than the workman. He finds himself more involved with the situation than he would care for and drastic measures are called for.

Summerchill is a chase with a difference as police and criminals go all out to find their man. What is the underworld prepared to do to get their target?

The criminal underworld in Reykjavík is a dark and dangerous place  – extortion, financial and otherwise are their weapons of choice and the effects are often deadly.

Although the story follows Gunna and Helgi’s investigation, it’s more about the criminal underworld lurking beneath the surface of Reykjavík. It immerses the reader into the world Logi becomes drawn into, highlighting some of the illegal practices and the ways in which criminal gangs extort money from the vulnerable and unsuspecting.

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