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  • Location: Burma (Myanmar), Mandalay

Return to Mandalay

Return to Mandalay

Why a Booktrail?

2000s and back in time: A girl travels to Burma in the hope that she can find out more about her grandfather’s past. With her she has a treasure to return to someone, but she becomes involved with that country’s and her grandfather’s heritage

  • ISBN: 978-1782067627
  • Genre: Fiction

What you need to know before your trail

Eva Gatsby has often wondered about her grandfather Lawrence’s past. He was in Burma during the second world war and so ever since his past and this country have held a special fascination.

Eva loves history for she works as an antiques dealer where she comes across unusual and historical artifacts every day. When her grandfather asks her to return a mysterious Chinthe to its rightful owner in Burma, she is intrigued.

On her arrival in Burma she is drawn into a world of intrigue and corruption. the treasure she guards becomes dangerous in ways she could never have imagined. and just what does it symbolize? Who is this person who has to receive it? What did her grandfather to in the war after all?

Travel Guide

Return to Mandalay is a map into the past of the country, its people and the links with a young girl and her grandfather from England. The heat and humidity rise from the page and you can hear the creatures in the forest, smell the sandalwood and be amazed at the pigeon blood rubies…

Myanmar, is of course formerly Burma and it is the scenes set here  that are the most beautiful to read. From Bristol where Eva works in England, she flies here on her own and into a strange and distant land which she hopes will reveal its secrets to her about her grandfather. Her grandfather now lives in Dorset but he has left part of himself in Burma.

It is a journey of the mysterious chinthe too  – They are more than ornaments for they are intricate states which come in pairs and serve as guardians outside pagodas

Of course the main interest of the book was the way in which present day Burma sits an merges with Myanmar. the time periods the settings during peace time and of course war time are beautifully evoked

From the palace of Mandalay, the lush green descriptions of burma and the surroundings to the fear of the people who  live there. When someone asks the grandfather this question we get an insight into his feelings about the war

“You love the country? he asked. His black eyes shone or you love being a master in our country?”

An amazing yet at times harrowing glimpse into the history and culture of a fascinating country.

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