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  • Location: Geneva, Vienna, London

Waiting for Sunrise

WW1 – A thriller set in Vienna at the start of the first world war  – where wartime intelligence weaves a dangerous web indeed..

  • Location: Vienna

Wait for Me in Vienna

2000s –  Can Vienna be the city where a girl can restart her life and where possibly, just possibly love may just be around the…

  • Location: Argentina, Buenos Aires, Croatia, Vienna

Winters in the South

1991 – A story of war told from both sides of the war and both sides of the trenches

  • Location: Vienna

Prelude to Terror

Cold War, 1970s:  An American art expert is sent to Vienna to get a Ruysdael painting “at any cost” but what if the price is…

  • Location: Oslo, Vienna

The Redbreast (Harry Hole 3)

1944, 1990s: From Oslo to Vienna with a bit of South Africa mixed in- a booktrail in the making …

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The Wren in the Holly Library

2000s: A dark, spicy romantasy loosely inspired by Beauty and the Beast

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