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  • Location: Argentina, Buenos Aires, Croatia, Vienna

Winters in the South

Winters in the South

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1991 – A story of war told from both sides of the war and both sides of the trenches

  • ISBN: 978-1906694302
  • Translator: Anthea Bell, Julian Evans
  • Genre: Fiction

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Tensions and war is the day to day existence for many in Yugoslavia. For Marija this is a stark reminder that her father is still missing. Ever since the WW2 ended, and they fled to Croatia, she has waited in vain for her father to join her. But he never does. They lived in Austria for a while and would always go to the same cathedral each day to try and hear news from back home.

Living in Argentina, Marija’s father now an old man wishes to return one day to his home in Zagreb. He understands the war now ongoing and wishes to see it for himself, preparing his shooting skills as he does so.

Marija and her father find themselves in the country at the same time…..

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War is brutal, raw and the rumbles of a war in one country can have vibrations in many ways across the world. As the rumblings of war are heard from Zagreb, Marija desperately wants to return to her homeland. So she leaves the relative comfort of her new life now to do so.

Marija has always wondered what happened to her father and for years,when living in Vienna,  she and her mother would visit Vienna’s St Stephan’s Cathedral for news.

Marija is now 50 and she keeps reminders and memories from her past as she look as her past life and wonders what could have been

It was in her second month in Zagreb, in the autumn the war began, that the news reached Marija that made her life foreign tpo her for ever

Buenos Aires

In contrast to the ugliness of war, is the beauty of Argentina. Buenos Aires is the city which acted as a safe haven for all those fleeing the time around the Second World World war

Marija’s father, now known as the old man is gearing up to enter the fray, raising the cash to raise an army and now feels that this is the right revolution, the one to ride the country of Communism with the young soldiers fighting there now.

For the  days Marija and the old man are in the same city, the ghosts of Zagreb walk the streets. They both want to be free from their pasts but only one will find it.

That ghostly Zagreb of the weeks in which the nights are as silent as those in the countryside. Only one of them will find liberation from the past.

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