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  • Location: Vienna

The Empress and the Cake

A story of three women and their descent into addiction, crime and madness.

  • Location: Vienna

To Die in Vienna

2000s: He’s seen something that could get him killed. But what?

  • Location: Vienna, Paris, London, Hampshire

House of Gold

1911 onwards: ‘Such is the power and wealth of the Goldbaums that on dull days, it’s said, they hire the sun just for themselves.’

  • Location: London, Paris, Vienna, Siena, Russia

Friends and Traitors

1958: The Grand Tour of Europe during the Cold War

  • Location: Austrian Alps, Vienna, Felddorf (fictional)

My Own Dear Brother

1940s: Which is more dangerous – the enemy from outside or that from within?

Featured Book

A Person is a Prayer

2000s: A family’s story of migration from Kenya and India to England

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