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  • Location: Vienna

Wait for Me in Vienna

Wait for Me in Vienna

Why a Booktrail?

2000s –  Can Vienna be the city where a girl can restart her life and where possibly, just possibly love may just be around the corner?

  • ISBN: 978-1503948754
  • Translator: Terry Laster
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Johanna moves to Vienna to be with her brother following the death of her grandmother. The city is rich in history and life but Johanna fails to notice in her grief. However she decides to join a cooking school and enjoys her new work. When she meets Thomas, there is even more reason to make Vienna work.

But before anything can happen, Thomas gets news that he has a new job in New York. Is this the end before it has even begun?

Travel Guide

A story of two star crossed lovers in one of the most stunning cities in Europe. Thomas works in IT and lives in the 4th District close to the Naschmarket – the open air market in the city. Streets away lives Thomas’ friend Martin with sister….Johanna. Johanna has not long been in the city but still it takes some time before Thomas and Johanna meet – missed opportunities in lifts, a turn seconds too late to notice, passing on the stairs etc and the scene is set for a ‘Sliding doors’ scenario.

Johanna meanwhile is settling into the city as best she can. She visits the open air market near the danube, realising how no matter which country you are in, you navigate it in the same way. She goes jogging in the nearby park and bumps into someone….

Once the two get together, they discover Vienna together enjoying the local delicacies and the local bookshop. Oh the appel struddels, and the coffee with the whipped cream “and the obligatory snarl”. Turns out some of Vienna is a little unfriendly.

As Thomas sets off for New York, the streets, parks and places they both visited become reminders of what they had and what they could still have if they can wait for each other and meet up again in Vienna.

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