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  • Location: The Cotswolds, "Peasebrook", London

The Forever House

The Forever House

Why a Booktrail?

1967, 2000s: Would you know your forever house if you found it?

  • ISBN: 978-1409166573
  • Genre: Fiction, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

There is a house in the Cotswolds, called Hunter’s Moon which has just been put on the market. Belinda, the estate agent meets Sally, the present owner, and finds out why the house is now going on the market. It turns out that the house has many secrets to share for Sally, it is time to let those secrets go free.

How did Sally come to be living in this house? The story flips back to the 1960s and shows how Sally first starts working here and how she becomes further involved with the house and its people. The house has been in the family for generations and if walls had ears, could tell a story or two…

Just what is a Forever House and how do you know when you find it?

Travel Guide

Hunter’s Moon

“Set in idyllic gardens and grounds in the Peasebrook Vaalley, Hunter’s moon is in need of some updating, but its perfect proportions and enchanting features will delight the potential purchaser.

It is here that the novelist Margot Fitzgerald penned her most famous works, no doubt inspired  by the breathtaking views.

It enjoys complete privacy yet is only two miles from the Cotswold town of Peasebrook, with regular trains to London Paddington”

And then:

“Two miles outside of the Cotswold town of Peasebrook, you must keep your eyes peeled for a left-hand turn into a tiny narrow road;there is no signpost, so be careful or you might easily miss it. The road is no wider than a tractor and it meanders between high hedges for half a mile before plunging into woodland. The branches on the trees meet overhead, like a guard of honour and the grass grows down the middle of the tarmac, leaving a trail for you to follow….

the Forever House

Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

I love a book about a house with secrets. A house which has been in a family for years, which has created memories and has them stamped and imprinted on each and every brick. Veronica Henry writes some lovely stories with lovely settings – I’m still in that bookshop of hers where I found love in the story that a local bookstore can give. Going this time to Hunter’s Moon and the fictional village of Peasebrook was just divine. I could see and feel the village, the charm of the old house and the beauty of the village on every page – this is a novel for the summer to read with your bare feet on the grass and a glass of something in your hand.

When a house holds secrets and it makes you feel perfect as soon as you walk in the door – that feeling when you know a house is speaking to you – the glory of that feeling is evoked with love and care. Sally’s story mirrored that of the house and I felt the relationship between these two characters was one of the most heartfelt I’ve read in a long while. Anyone who says a house is just a pile of bricks – tell them to read this book.

I think the whole story was beatifully handled  – both the sad bits and the lovely homely ones. There is a lot of subtlety in this novel – like sunbeams through a window – and you don’t see the true beauty of it, until the sunbeams fade, the dust motes too and the faded picture comes into full focus. This novel read like a dream – a house explored, lives lived and proof that home really is where the heart is.

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Author/Guide: Veronica Henry  Destination: The Cotswolds (Peasebrook)  Departure Time:1967, 2000s

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