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  • Location: Cornwall

The Secret Beach

The Secret Beach

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2024: Twenty years. One secret. A promise never to tell…

  • ISBN: 978-1398703179
  • Genre: Familiy drama, Romance

What you need to know before your trail

Nikki finally owns the little coastguard cottage of her dreams – and it’s a few steps away from the hidden beach that means so much to her.

But when a handwritten note lands on her doorstep, she realises it’s only a matter of time before the heartbreaking truth of her past is uncovered.

Twenty years ago, her whole world was turned upside-down when a terrible storm rolled into the small seaside town of Speedwell.

Ever since that night, Nikki has been keeping a secret. One she knows has the potential to destroy the lives of those she loves most.

Because as sure as the tide turns, there are no secrets in a small town…

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The author explains:

“Nearly 20 years ago, on an April day in 2004, I was searching for seals with my three boys when we first found the secret beach. We had just moved to North Devon from landlocked Worcestershire and were discovering the joys of this wild and windswept coast. We were in awe of the scenery. Gone were the bright lights, busy roads and city life we were used to. Now we had peace and quiet and a sea view. Heaven for my sons, who were 13, seven and two.”

The Secret Beach is actually Rockham Beach and this stretch of Devon coast was given the grisly nickname ‘the sailors’ grave’ by local mariners due to the number of sailors who drowned.

BookTrail Boarding Pass: The Secret Beach

Destination/Location: Cornwall, Speedwell  Author: Veronica Henry  Departure: 2024

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