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The Janus Run

The Janus Run

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2000s: Your girlfriend is dead in your NYC apartment and you are the prime suspect

  • ISBN: 978-1912235254
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

When Coleman Lang finds his girlfriend Gina dead in his New York City apartment, he thinks nothing could be worse… until he becomes the prime suspect.

Desperate to uncover the truth and clear his name, Coleman hits the streets. But there’s a deranged Italian hitman, an intuitive cop, two US Marshals, and his ex-wife all on his tail. And trying to piece together Gina’s murky past without dredging up his own seems impossible. Worse, the closer he gets to Gina’s killer, the harder it is to evade the clutches of the mysterious organisation known only as Janus – from which he’d long since believed himself free.


Travel Guide

New York

Coleman Lang might work in the glitzy world of New York advertising but it’s also a man with a mysterious past, with former links to a rather shady organisation named Janus. Gina, his girlfriend found dead in his apartment, has a father, Tony Falcone, who was formerly a Mafia henchman. So Coleman and Tony have to move around the city in the shadows. Away from the watchful eye of the New York Police.

The weather is gritty and grey:

“as dull as a Brit TV show on PBS.’

Lieutenant Rosie Santoro and the shadowy US Marshall TP McDonough, a whole range of Mafia types and all beautifully set in the  New York/Italian neighbourhoods with the language and cultural tics you can expect. There’s even a mention of Billy Joel, so you get the sense of New York, the Bronx, Brookyln and that New York State of Mind:

‘And so he sat there, alone in a pizzeria, a cup of coffee going cold at his hand, staring at a picture on a tablet while Billy Joel sang about an Uptown Girl on the MP3 player.’

Booktrail Boarding Pass:  The Janus Run

Destination : New York City  Author/Guide: Douglas Skelton  Departure Time:2000s

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