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Crow Bait (Davie McCall 2)

Crow Bait (Davie McCall 2)

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1990s: “They’ll all be crow bait by the time I’m finished”

  • ISBN: 978-1910021293
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Jail was hell for Davie McCall. Ten years down the line, freedom’s no picnic either. It’s 1990, there are new kings in the West of Scotland underworld, and Glasgow is awash with drugs.

Davie knows he can more than handle himself. But what he will never be able to handle is the knowledge of his sadistic father killing his mother

Now his father is back in town. He’s got some people to see and wants a bit of this new criminal playground that Glasgow is turning out to be.

He might even want to see Davie….

Travel Guide

Barlinnie Prison

Around him the night sounds of the prison continued. He had grown used to the coughs and the murmurs and the footsteps. He had even found comfort in them, just as he had in the routines of prison life”


From prison to the bowels and dark alleyways of Glasgow life. Back on the streets, back on streets such as Duke Street which is described as “the cattle in the slaughter house on Duke Street”

This is the Glasgow which Douglas takes you to and guides you down each and every nook and cranny in the gang landscape. Audrey Fraser goes to visit a drug addict for a piece on the largest picture of the reality of the drug trade not only in Scotland but the West of the country as a whole.

Streetview Maps

A) Glasgow - Baird Street Police station
D) Glasgow - Duke Street

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information:  Crow Bait (Davie McCall 2)

Author/ Guide: Douglas Skelton  Destination: Glasgow  Departure Time: 1990s onwards

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