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  • Location: Glasgow, Ayrshire

The Dead Don’t Boogie

The Dead Don’t Boogie

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2000s: The Dead don’t boogie but they do take Dominic Queste on a rather merry dance

  • ISBN: 978-1910192443
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Dominic Queste looks for lost souls so finding a missing teenage girl really shouldn’t be a problem. Except sometimes it turns out better if the souls stay lost.

Jenny Deavers is missing and there are lot of people looking for her.  A lot of nasty people want to get to her and aren’t even going to stop at murder. The bodies are starting to pile up and Queste has use is street smart sense to protect her and both himself

The trail leads him to a vicious world of brutal gangsters, merciless hitmen, dark family secrets and an insatiable lust for power in the highest echelons of politics.

Travel Guide

Welcome to Glasgow

This is the witty, gritty down and dirty Glasgow with an extra sprinkling of gallows humour and some dark dark violent murders. There’s black shadows lurking everywhere and even blacker humour.

The Glasgow underworld does not like being messed with and doesn’t like people interfering. Certainly not people who want answers about missing girls.

Queste is on  a mission to find the truth. If he continues to meet and talk to people in bars then he may well find more than the truth. Visit the aptly named nicensleazy.com which could be a good place to read the book!


My only hazy recollection of one holiday to Saltcoats was of walking to the harbour at night with my father and mu sister. “

“Also for some reason that stroll down memory lane to Saltcoats harbour is sound -tracked by the song Michael Row the Boat Ashore”


“That’s what I like about my country of birth. ‘Service with a sigh’. Visit Scotland must love this place.”

Streetview Maps

A) Ayrshire - Saltcoats Harbour
E) Glasgow - One of the aptly named bars

Booktrail Boarding Pass Information: The Dead Don’t Boogie

Author/Guide: Douglas Skelton  Destination: Glasgow, Saltcoats  Departure Time: 2000s

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