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Tell No Tales (Zigic & Ferreira 2)

Tell No Tales (Zigic & Ferreira 2)

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2000s: Eva Dolan takes you to some dark parts of Peterborough and to some even darker parts of your imagination

  • ISBN: 978-1846557781
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

One morning in Peterborough a car ploughs into a bus stop, leaving behind a trail of death and destruction. The victims? Migrant workers in the area.

DS Ferreira and DI Zigic are called in from the Peterborough Hate Crimes Unit to handle the case. They are up to their necks in another case with Neo-Nazi overtones, and so this hit and run seems like an open and shut case. But things are never as easy as that.

Tensions are rising amongst the locals and the media starts hounding the police for answers. The trail and search for the truth will take them on a journey into the world of local politics, right wing policies and a cover up of some very dark secrets.

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The Peterborough of Eva Dolan is a dark and dangerous place to be. This is seemingly a hotbed of local politics with racist overtones and the possibility that a local politician, head of a recently established right-wing party, must be involved somehow. Has he risen through the ranks with a race card in his hand? Does he have connections to the extremists living in Peterborough?

This Peterborough is the stomping ground for two gritty and raw detectives –  Detectives Zigic and Ferreira – their work in Peterborough Police’s `Hate Crimes’ Unit is complicated as it is sensitive and shines a light on the varied and difficult work of race-related crime. Added to this hit and run is a series of murders of black and Asian men. So, no wonder the city and local area is awash with hatred and extreme tension.

Peterborough here is a sad and divided city – extremists on one side and other groups on the other. Divided by political tension and suspicion of race, this place is a difficult one to police and where the police find it hard to get answers.

“Every time Ferreira went into the centre of Peterborough  there seemed to be more empty shops and as she came out of the car park near the city marketplace heading towards Margate she noticed another window opaque with whitewash..”

The plight of the immigrants here is sad and all too real as are the effects on the community at large, the way events can spiral out of control –

Neighbour against neighbour, nobody feeling safe to walk the streets. Then the vigilantes step in…

The novel not only places you in Peterborough but in any town in England where these issues are important and need to be explored.

Grim and gritty but very real.

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