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Long Way Home (Zigic & Ferreira 1)

Long Way Home (Zigic & Ferreira 1)

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2000s: The Peterborough Hate Crimes Unit have a disturbing case of an immigrant, burnt to death.

  • ISBN: 978-1846557798
  • Genre: Crime

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The Peterborough Hate Crimes Unit have their work cut out with the case of a man found burnt alive in a garden shed.  Detectives Zigic and Ferreira are called in to track those responsible but when it turns out to be a migrant worker, the veil of silence and suspicion descends on the Fenland community. These people appear ruled by fear,  people-trafficking gangs and slum racketeers and the police soon find out that any one of them may have wanted the man dead. Add to the mix a convicted arsonist and member of a far-right movement who has just been released from prison, and this is going to be a difficult and disturbing case to solve.

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Peterborough is a small and seemingly quiet town not far from London but far enough to be considered rural and sedate. Life here has been peaceful and generally uneventful for years but like any major town, life here is changing and not always for the better. Migrant workers are flocking from London into the town and they are not always legal. The work there in the surrounding fields and farms is a huge draw as is the work available in pub and factories in and around the town. The flow of people in and out causes problems but never to the extent when a man is found burnt in a shed and the whole dirty underbelly of the migrant world comes to light. Those who have lived in Peterborough for years have pent up hatred and mistrust, and there are those who take advantage of the migrant trade and so any involvement from the police is unwelcome to say the least.  There are those who want to ‘solve the problem’ themselves…

With two polar opposite police detectives working the case, DI Zigic and DS Ferreira reveal a world that is shocking as it is authentically and graphically drawn.

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