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  • Location: South Carolina

Simon Sixsmith: A Ghost Story

Simon Sixsmith: A Ghost Story

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Dare you enter the South Carolina low country…?

  • ISBN: 978-1482745344
  • Genre: Horror, novella

What you need to know before your trail

When London-based obituaries writer Simon Sixsmith receives a letter out of the blue telling him he’s inherited a property in the Southern US, he can’t but help fly out and investigate. Yet when Simon arrives in the marshy South Carolina Lowcountry, all is not as it first seemed. As he is drawn deeper into his ancestors’ plantation-owning history, his problematic personal life and the horrifying events around the property come together to bring about a macabre conclusion.

Travel Guide

South Carolina – low country and coast

This is not a journey to South Carolina’s low country you’ll forget in a hurry. The hotel where the journalist ends up is not flush with guests. Out of the guests who have booked up, they’ve cancelled with the horrendous weather battering the woods and fields around it. Old, spindly trees wrap their spindly branches around those who dare venture into this neck of the woods. And with the branches and the shadows hanging around, you’d better watch your own neck….

The atmosphere is evoked with every drip of fat heavy rain from the storm, every tree, the smell of damp soil, rotting wood…This is a dark, dank plantation home which is now a faded shadow of its former grand self. Imagine ending up here , realising that you may not be alone after all?

What’s that shadow? What was that noise? Who is out there? WHAT is out there?

The Plantation

The Lowcountry lies along South Carolina’s coast and includes the Sea Islands. It was once known for its slave based agricultural wealth in rice and indigo that flourished in the hot subtropical climate. Today it’s more widely known for its historic cities, natural beauty and cultural heritage. The Boon eHall Plantation would be a good place to visit as this is one of the oldest plantations still working today. Plus there are many Spanish moss drapped trees…..spooky!

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Author/Guide: Daniel Pembrey  Destination: South  Carolina  Departure Time: 2000s

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