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Ransom – The Harbour Master 3

Ransom – The Harbour Master 3

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2000s: The third novella in the Habour Master series sees ageing yet maverick cop Henk Van der Pol embroiled in a new and dangerous case – a kidnapping with a difference.

  • ISBN: 978-1497384057
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

Henk Van der Pol really should know better than now that a holiday or even a day away with his family is not going to stay like that for long. Plans for a relaxing weekend in Brussels are ruined when he becomes embroiled in a kidnapping. The only pool he’ll be swimming in this weekend is a cesspool of corruption.

When senior politician Rem Lottman (from The Maze) is kidnapped, the trail to find him again is littered with dark and dangerous links to shady characters and even shadier dealings.

The novella even starts with the line – ‘Things were not going well’…..

Travel Guide

“What was meant to be a fun trip to the Belgian capital was turning into a nightmare”

Back in Brussels, Henk and his family are experiencing the holiday from hell. On the night diplomat Lottman was visiting a lover, he went missing. The events of  The Maze are coming home to roost and the mix of government dealings, corruption and vice are twisting and choking the life out of many of those involved.

Henk is once again restricted from the official investigation and so is forced to run a parallel operation.

Hot on the heels of a kidnapper however is not the most comforotable of ttrails to be on and there are many parallels to Henk’s first case which make him even more nervous than he is now. At each and every turn, he comes across dark secrets, corruption and deceit tucked away in the corridors of the highest echelons of Brussels’s power and Dutch society.

But this trail takes him further afield to Oslo where the art connections take him to Oslo’s national gallery and to the waterfront. It’s as if the canals of Europe are flowing with deceit, diamonds and a whole lot of hidden cargo….

The kidnapping of Rem Lottman takes Henk into deeper and darker places far from Amsterdam to places of his past and smaller towns he never thought he would visit or revisit in this way at least. With each place evoked and explored via little snippets of history and even food, each city and locale becomes a clue in the trail for the truth.

Amsterdam and its environs are littered with legal nightmares that Henk is  going to have a great deal of trouble getting free from. Literally  and figuratively.

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