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The Candidate: a Luxembourg thriller

The Candidate: a Luxembourg thriller

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21st C – A short visit to Luxembourg of only 140 pages but it’s amazing what you can pack into a small literary suitcase!

  • ISBN: 978-1499670479
  • Genre: novella, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

Nick Thorneycroft finds a pair of ladies underwear on his floor but has no idea about how they got there or who they belong to.

Meanwhile at work, things are getting a little steamy as well. Nick works as a head-hunter and his company is after Kate Novakavich a Russian executive. He feels as if he’s seen her somewhere before but can’t be sure. What does become clear is that this woman is involved with something which transcends borders as well as the line between right and wrong.

However as he is trying to find out more about Kate, he’s also struggling with a more off than on relationship with girlfriend Claire.

Life in Luxembourg is tough and about to get tougher.

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Office politics, trouble with women and a new job are challenges in life wherever you happen to be in the world. With one relationship crumbling before his eyes, the last thing Nick needs is to wake up and find underwear in his apartment and have no idea who it belongs to.

Nick soon finds out that he has been dragged into a world of conspiracies, political intrigue and lots and lots of double dealing.

“Luxembourg was a city of just 100,000 people, teeming with over paid ex-pats like myself.”

The love nest they tended to share with weekday companions lay empty here at weekends, and particularly in this part of town, close to the financial centre

Luxembourg is the setting of this double dealing and comes through very well indeed evoked in detail from the English pub to the corridors of the finance buildings and the high level double dealings of the shady double
dealing world of banking. There’s the caverns and the dark imposing castle to explore as well.

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