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Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Offshore is a collection of short stories, all set on islands off the coast of the UK. Allow DI Jimmy Perez, DI Willow Reeves and Vera to guide you around

  • Genre: Short Stories

What you need to know before your trail

When you mix the magic of Ann Cleeves characters together with the settings of some of the most remote settings around the UK, then it makes for some short but interesting jaunts into the settings and the lives of the characters. Vera and Perez are back and take you to places they’ve never maybe been to or mentioned before in the novels. Both the settings and the characters show a sense of isolation and examine what it means.

Travel Guide

Various islands dotted in and around the UK. Far flung island destinations not on a tropical tourist map but in some of the most remote and windswept landscapes in the country if not the world. ‘Stranded’,  is set on Hilbre near Liverpool for example and there is a story set in Wales in Skokholm written by Lynne Chitty, winner of Pan Macmillan’s Bello imprint’s short story competition and in this story, Ann Cleeves old friends George and Molly Palmer-Jones are back to show you their part of the world. And who could forget Vera – she hasn’t always been a middle aged woman in a mac. Once she was young, and in one of the stories she goes back to her childhood and the time leading up to her joining the police force.

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