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  • Location: Glasgow

Driftnet (Rhona Macleod 1)

2000s: A driftnet catches everything. …

  • Location: Glasgow

Easy Kill (Rhona MacLeod 5)

2000s: You expect to find bodies in a graveyard but not quite like this…

  • Location: Glasgow

Dark Flight (Rhona MacLeod 4)

2000s: This novel is inspired by the investigation by the Met police into the discovery of a torso in the Thames in 2001.

  • Location: Glasgow

The Reborn (Rhona McLeod 7)

2000s: If you don’t like clowns you may not wish to read this one…or baby dolls for that matter.

  • Location: Isle of Skye, Raasay

Deadly Code (Rhoda Macleod 3)

2000s : A journey north to the Isle of Skye is no holiday for a forensic detective..

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