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  • Location: Glasgow, Orkney, Stromness

Paths of the Dead (Rhona MacLeod 9)

2000s: It was never just a game…

  • Location: Orkney islands, Sanday, Kirkwall

None but the Dead (Rhona Macleod 11)

2000s: Sanday is one of Britain’s northernmost islands. Remote, quiet with a grave secret

  • Location: Glasgow, Edinburgh

The Special Dead (Rhoda Macloed 10)

2000s: Witches and spooky goings on with macabre killings in Glasgow and Edinburgh

  • Location: Edinburgh, Glasgow

Torch (Rhoda MacLeod 2)

2000s: An Arsonist is working in the build up to Hogmanay …humans and animals..no one is safe

  • Location: Glasgow

Driftnet (Rhona Macleod 1)

2000s: A driftnet catches everything. …

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The Circus Train

1930s:  Brought together by magic.Torn apart by war.

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