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  • Location: Yorkshire, Bradfield (fictional)

Wire in the Blood (Wire in Blood 2)

Wire in the Blood (Wire in Blood 2)

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Teenage girls are disappearing at an alarming rate.

  • ISBN: 978-0007344734
  • Genre: Crime, Suspense

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Across the country, dozens of teenage girls have vanished. Authorities are convinced they’re runaways and there’s no real or obvious connection between them. Criminal profilers Dr. Tony Hill and Carol Jordan look at them and try to find a pattern that they believe connects them all and that will help them to find the killer or killers. They’ve spent years exploring the psyches of madmen. But sane men kill, too. And when they hide in plain sight, they can be difficult to find…

When one of Hill’s students is murdered – the first move in a sick and violent game for three players

Travel Guide


Bradfield is a fictional town in West Yorkshire. Despite there being a suburb of Sheffield called Bradfield, this is not it since it’s a small and rural suburb.

However for a real journey in Bradfield, it would actually make more sense to head north past Sheffield and Bradford of course as these two cities gave Bradfield its name after all.

The TV series was actually filmed in the North East of England in Newcastle and the surrounding areas – Gateshead and Durham to name but two. This was as the star of the show – Robson Green himself – wanted to keep the filming and work in the North East.

The city of Newcastle has changed since the filming however as one building in particular  – the old Bank of England in Pilgrim Street has now been demolished

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Author/Guide: Val McDermid  Destination: Yorkshire, Bradfield (fictional)  Departure Time: 2000s

Twitter: @valmcdermid Facebook:valmcdermid  Web: valmcdermid.com

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