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  • Location: Edinburgh, Kinross, Dundee

Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds

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2000s: There were a lot of things that ran in families, but murder wasn’t one of them . . .’

  • ISBN: 978-1408706916
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

A teenage joyrider crashes a stolen car, and the routine DNA test which follows could be the key to unlocking the mystery of a twenty-year-old murder inquiry.

Detective Chief Inspector Karen Pirie is an expert at solving the unsolvable. She’ll have to be with this latest case – it’s as twisted as the DNA helix itself.

As if she doesn’t have enough to do, Karen finds herself drawn to another case, one that she has no business investigating. And as she pieces together decades-old evidence, the picture which begins to form is not exactly the one she wanted to be looking at.

Travel Guide


Karen likes to walk in Newhaven down by the docks and the Forth of Firth before meandering through the streets of Leith and back up to the city of Edinburgh. She’s moved to Edinburgh as it was so unfamiliar to her – she’s no memories here and so can treat it as a  project of sorts.

On her walks, she meets a group of Syrian refugees, and she realises the problems people have and the problems cities have tucked away.

She often thinks about the zigzag routes across the city and apart from the Restalreig cycle path there are lots of streets in the old town which are also worth a wander. The old town is a honeycomb. There is a lot to see through the eyes of someone who is new to a city!


“Kinross was a small town, but it was big enough to have more than one kind of pub.” Roland ha a habit of walking hoe from the oyb along the Loch Leven trail. It’s amazing what you might find there…There ‘s also funnily enough a market there which sells everything from underpants to sausages.


Where the gobshite Ross Garvie lives and where the car smash takes place.

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Author/Guide: Val McDermid Destination: Edinburgh, Kinross, Dundee  Departure Time: 2000s

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