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  • Location: Berlin, St Andrews, Yorkshire, Bradfield (fictional)

The Last Temptation (Wire in Blood 3)

The Last Temptation  (Wire in Blood 3)

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2000s: A hunt for a serial killer leads from Bradfield, to Germany and through Europe

  • ISBN: 978-0007344710
  • Genre: Crime, Suspense

What you need to know before your trail

A twisted killer targeting psychologists has left a grisly trail across Europe.

Dr Tony Hill, expert at mapping the minds of murderers, is reluctant to get involved. But then the next victim is much closer to home…

Meanwhile, his former partner DCI Carol Jordan is working undercover in Berlin, on a dangerous operation to trap a millionaire trafficker. When the game turns nasty, Tony is the only person she can call on for help.

Confronting a cruelty that has its roots in Nazi atrocities, Tony and Carol are thrown together in a world of violence and corruption, where they have no one to trust but each other.

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“From both land and water, the place looked like a deserted, rundown boat repair yard”

So from the start, Berlin is not shown in the light the tourists would recognise. There are shades of grey and dark khaki green and even “the iridescent hues of a pigeon’s throat”

This is the abandoned industrial landscape on the banks of the Danube – a city with many scars on its landscape but one now where the shadows are moving and men are lurking.

Years after the horrendous events of transporting people by the train load, a van pulls up and several bodies emerge…

The sections of the book set in  Germany really delve into the dark dark history of the city and the country at large. Human trafficking, transportation of humans, abuse, control, drugs – both then and now – come back to haunt.

A serial killer is seeking revenge on experimental psychologists – something practiced during the worst of Nazi atrocities and now thought to be  responsible for abuse  consequences now.

Bradfield (Yorkshire)

Bradfield is a fictional town in West Yorkshire. Despite there being a suburb of Sheffield called Bradfield, this is not it since it’s a small and rural suburb.

However for a real journey in Bradfield, it would actually make more sense to head north past Sheffield and Bradford of course as these two cities gave Bradfield its name after all.

The TV series was actually filmed in the North East of England in Newcastle and the surrounding areas – Gateshead and Durham to name but two. This was as the star of the show – Robson Green himself – wanted to keep the filming and work in the North East.


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Author/Guide: Val McDermid Destination: Berlin, St Andrews, Yorkshire, Bradfield (fictional) Departure Time: 2000s

Twitter: @valmcdermid  Facebook:valmcdermid  Web: valmcdermid.com

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