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  • Location: Hull, The North Sea, Trondheim

The Woman in Cabin 10

The Woman in Cabin 10

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Don’t read if you’re about to go on a cruise of any kind…

  • ISBN: 978-1846558900
  • Genre: Psychological, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

A cruise to the Northern Lights. The perfect trip right? Certainly a way for journalist Jo Blackwood to forget about a recent traumatic event and to work out what she wants from her relationship.

But to say things don’t go to play is an understatement. When she is first woken at night by screams only to see a body thrown overboard, she can’t believe what she’s just seen. But the records show that that cabin was empty, the person supposed to be there never showed up. No one is missing from the boat. But only early that night, she’s borrowed a mascara from the woman in cabin ten…

Lo feels exhausted, frightened and emotionally drained. Is her mind playing tricks on her or is something more frightening happening and she’s now trapped on a boat with a murderer, witness to a crime that no one else saw.



Travel Guide

Travelling in a luxury boutique liner in the North Sea towards the Northern lights with a stop over in Trondheim sounds ideal……

This journey is the most claustrophobic you will ever read. The other passengers on the boat are distant and al seem to have their own reasons for being there. Lo is here on a press trip, she’s a travel writer, but chances are she’s not be giving this journey a five star review.

This cruise is eerie and the tension builds with every ebb and flow of the rough North Sea. Even the Lo is often sick. It’s as if Agatha Christie is on board. The locked room mystery, the churning of the waters, the sense of isolation  – out in the middle of the ocean no one can hear you scream and the unrelenting fear when floating paradise becomes a scene of a crime that no one else on board believes has taken place.

A confined setting, the creaking groans of the boat, the sense of no one believing you and the fear that the killer is on the boat and that you’re next if you Keep on digging…..A small group of passengers floating into the unknown – limits to the landscape and those on board made for a great deal of tension. Suspect everyone and trust no one. Where your only real witness is the sea…

Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

I need some therapy now for Ruth Ware has now locked me inside a cabin deep in Kielder Forest with some nut job with an axe to grind and now trapped me on a cruise with a missing body and a sick murderer trying to stop me finding out what the hell is going on.

The whole locked mystery aspect to this novel is just fantastic. I loved Ruth’s first book but here the tension just ricochets. It was stomach turning at time and so realistic that I’m not sure if it was the action of the waves or the tension in the novel which was the most effective.

Novels with so many limitations in geography and characters must be challenging to write but this one was clever. I was drawn in from the first page and every word seemed there to torment and heckle. The North Sea, angry and noisy was the background to the whole affair and the darkness and sense of urgency made this novel really intense and creepy.

I would be scared to go on any kind of holiday with Ruth Ware after these two novels I have to say. I particularly liked the way in which Lo’s story unfolded as her boyfriend back on dry land tried to find out where she was and then mourned her death. But she’s still alive! I shouted. But he had proof didn’t he?

This novel messes with your head and takes you on a cruise that you will never forget. A locked murder mystery in a boat? The plot twists and turns, churns you up and spits you out in its wake. A brilliantly intense and claustrophobic read

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Author/Guide: Ruth Ware  Destination: Hull, The North Sea, Trondheim  Departure Time: 2000s

Twitter: @RuthWareWriter  Facebook: /ruthwarewriter  Web: ruthware.com

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