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The Girl On The Cliff

The Girl On The Cliff

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1914, 2000s: Travel to Ireland with Lucinda Riley in this tale of family secrets over the years. Stunning locations and settings and a saga spanning decades.

  • ISBN: 978-0241954973
  • Genre: Fiction, Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

A secret from 1914 has caused years and years of heartache but why?

Grania Ryan has returned to her native Ireland following a tragedy in America where she lived and worked. She needs her family right now for comfort and is glad to be home with them and amongst the gorgeous setting. One day she meets a young girl, Aurora who will change her life and her families in ways none of them could ever have expected. For she soon discovers that her family and Aurora’s are strangely and deeply entwined . . .

Will Aurora and Grania be able to reunite the families, unlock the chains of the past and solve the mystery that has been haunting the two families for many years?

Travel Guide

“The small figure was standing perilously close to the edge of the cliff. Her luxuriant, long read hair had been caught by the strong breeze and was flying out behind her”

And we are immediately transported to the cliff in Ireland where we meet Aurora with the scene set with such passion and evocative writing that you can also feel the wind in your hair and concern that the child is too near to the edge of the cliff. but then this is Lucinda Riley’s writing – as she not only takes you to the story and the characters but the setting is also a character in itself.

West Ireland

“The West Cork sun was akin to a temperamental diva”

London in war time is grim and dangerous, the West coast of Ireland, rural and carefree and New York painful to remember. Each location draws on the story and reveals secrets about the characters and the importance of belonging.

The settings themselves are wide ranging and deeply descriptive – we are taken to World War I and II, contemporary Ireland and New York and meet a large cast of characters from a variety of social backgrounds along the way.

But it’s the spirit of Ireland that looms large and captures your mind as it does the hair of Aurora on the book’s cover. This is the spirit of Ireland, the way it gets under your skin and ultimately inside your heart –

..the wind that had been whistling around them as they’d climbed up the cliff suddenly calmed. This was due to a thick hedge of brambles and the wild fushia West Cork was famous for, which stood sentinel around the house, protecting it and its occupants as best it could.

Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

Ireland is certainly a character in this book and what an evocative read. I really now want to go to Cork and feel the wind in my hair and to see the cliffs that Aurora and the others saw. what a rural yet vivid landscape.
The story was like a thread woven in and out of each page. The journey iof Aurora, the enchanting little girl who is the link between the two feuding families and a catalyst for change is an interesting story. She holds the key to the mystery of the families there and the developing relationship between Grania and the girl is lovely to see. Aurora is enchanting and playful and fresh – in every way.
As we start to discuss Aurora’s backstory, this is the most enchanting part of the novel but the story of her mother and Grania’s mother is the most upsetting part of the whole story. Yet, just like the war time setting where we meet another figure, it is  yet another thread in the overall weave of a history and past that is important to present day.
An historical jigsaw puzzle with the enchanting girl on the cliff at the centre.

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