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The Girl From The Savoy

The Girl From The Savoy

Why a Booktrail?

1920s: Step behind the scenes of a chambermaid at the luxurious London hotel – The Savoy

  • ISBN: 978-0008162283
  • Genre: Fiction, Historical

What you need to know before your trail

Dolly Lane is a dreamer who despite securing a job at the grand Savoy hotel in London, still daydreams of the day she is dancing on the stage in front of an appreciative audience. She has had her life torn away from her as well as the man she loves and as she works for some of the richest guests in the capital, she years for a better life. One day she sees an advert in the paper and her answer throws her head first into the glittering theatre scene and to another hidden world which trapped in the curtain tails of war, is going to have a huge effect on this young girl.

Travel Guide

Savoy Hotel

The setting of the sumptuous hotel is a symbol of wealth, glamour and for one young girl, hope.

From the pit of poverty to the sidelines of wealth and glamour, Dolly is getting closer to her dream of performing on the stage itself. With her job as a chamber maid in one of London’s most glamourous hotels, she meets the type of people who fascinate her with their easy wealth and extravagant tastes. She sees the glitter and the opportunity even closer than she could have ever imagined and can smell the greasepaint of her dreams. When the curtains open a little, she peers through and dips her toe into the spotlight along with her aspirations. Hear the clink of the cocktails glasses and the shimmer of the cymbals as the jazz music jumps in to life.

The Shaftsbury Theatre

It’s the life of the theatre where Dolly and Loretta both shine. Loretta is staring in a production of Hold Tight where she is the star of the theatre world. She is lauded and celebrated – her star quality shines whenever she goes. And this is the life that so many girls in service, such as Dolly dream of.

” I close my eyes and set my dreams free to drift and dance among those who have already made theirs a reality”

But two worlds which may not be as different as they seem – for which ever world you are in, it may be that you crave something of the other world – that all the glam and glitz in the world can not provide what humans crave:

“SometimesI would happily swap the lonely peaks of stardom for the jolly camaraderie of the chorus”


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A) London - The Savoy Hotel
D) London - The Shaftsbury Theatre

Booktrailer Review

Susan: @thebooktrailer

There’s few novels that touch me in the way that this one has. I’m also fascinated with the jazz age and would quite like to take a peak inside the Savoy hotel so this novel ticks more than one box for me. The writing and the loving detail which builds up a complex and lush painting of that time and period however is what makes this read a five star one.

I loved Dolly from page one – and it was fascinating to go with her on her journey from maid in a regular house to one in the Savoy hotel. The level of hierarchy and rules that come from working with some of the rich and famous was often shocking to read but it was the hierarchy below stairs which was the worst. Each member of staff, each girl came to life with their chatter and polish of the stairs. The stars who glide through the hotel (and make even more mess it would seem than the rest of us) are shown to be indifferent at best or predatory at worse with the maids who clean their rooms. Staff are not allowed in the main hall and there is hell on when one of them happens to be there.

The world of the theatre and of dreaming to be on the stage is lovingly captured and I was drawn deep into the excitement of waiting for the curtain to go up, the random last minute whispers from the orchestra, the smell of the greasepaint and the excited chatter of those backstage.  Seeing it through the eyes of established star Loretta and Dolly who dreams of nothing else really gave a full and fascinating picture of behind the scenes and how a passion for something can make your life so much richer and rescue you in other ways.

The story of the two women is exquisite and so very sad when you read on and discover their pasts and yearnings. I cried for what could have been and what was. It’s very emotional and I really felt invested in the characters so much that this book affected me when I ‘d finished reading it. I’m still thinking of them days after and will no doubt they’ll still be with me for a long time to come.

Highly recommended!


Booktrail Boarding Pass Information: The Girl from the Savoy

Author/Guide: Hazel Gaynor  Destination: London  Departure Time: 1916, 1920s

Twitter: @HazelGaynor  Facebook: /hazelgaynorbooks  Web: hazelgaynor.com

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