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  • Location: The Somme, Ypres

Fall of Poppies

Fall of Poppies

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WW1 : Stories of the Great War

  • ISBN: 978-0062418548
  • Genre: Short Stories

What you need to know before your trail

Top voices in historical fiction deliver an unforgettable collection of short stories set in the aftermath of World War I—featuring bestselling authors such as Hazel Gaynor, Jennifer Robson, Beatriz Williams, and Lauren Willig and edited by Heather Webb.

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month…

November 11, 1918. After four long, dark years of fighting, the Great War ends at last, and the world is forever changed. For soldiers, loved ones, and survivors the years ahead stretch with new promise, even as their hearts are marked by all those who have been lost.

As families come back together, lovers reunite, and strangers take solace in each other, everyone has a story to tell.

In this moving anthology, nine authors share stories of love, strength, and renewal as hope takes root in a fall of poppies.

Travel Guide

France and WW1

This is a selection of stories from the women – the wives, sisters, daughters, mothers and lovers of those on the front line who speak and give their voice .

This book doesn’t take place in the trenches but rather in the home, the minds of those who have to stay at home or work elsewhere for the war effort.
Many voices from many parts of the world. HAzel Gaynor gives a Yorkshire flavour,  Kate Kerrigan a Dublin one and the rest are American writers so once again a new angle and viewpoint of how war affected each country in turn.
Fall of poppies conjures up a warm image of the poppy fields, the destruction of war and the significance of the poppy afterwards. Women stayed at home often and kept the fort to speak. The sound of waiting, of silence can be deafening but there is always the whisper of hope.

Streetview Maps

A) France - The Somme - British Cemetery
D) Belgium - Ypres - In Flanders Fields

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Destination: France, Belgium  Author/Guide: Various   Departure Time: WW1

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