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  • Location: Fiji

The Castaways

The Castaways

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: An island setting – paradise, right?

  • ISBN: 978-0008334123
  • Genre: Mystery

What you need to know before your trail

It should be like any other holiday.

Beautiful beaches.
Golden sunsets.
Nothing for miles.

You’ll never want to leave.
Until you can’t…

Travel Guide

Dare to booktrail it to Fiji?

This is by far the most dramatic arrival to a setting in any book ever…..

You get there by a plane crash – so if you are  a nervous flyer, you may want to skip that part of the book and wait until you find out what happens to the plane. There are some very real and graphic descriptions of turbulence and fear inside the plane so just be aware…

The setting of Fiji where the investigation into the plane crash takes place is wonderfully evoked. There’s the clean waters, the fish, the posh holiday resort…..but also the remoteness and foreignness of it all when you are seeking answers into your sister’s disappearance so far away from home.

Paradise is not paradise when you are searching for a missing plane. A missing sister. Potentially bodies of those on the plane.

There are many islands and settlements here. the archipelago stretches for miles. The sense of space and also loneliness are huge. The vast landscape reaches out, extends for miles. How do you start looking for answers here? Will the golden sands and the waters reveal their secrets?

Booktrailer Review

TheBookTrail’s full bookreview of The Castaways here

Several people go on holiday to a Fijian island resort. The sister of one of the passengers misses the flight….but then the plane just disappears. No sight or trace of the passengers or plane are found. the sister decides to take matters into her own hands…

Boy this was good. HOWEVER if you are a nervous flyer, the first few chapters where you get to experience the turbulence and panic on board the plane……. Blimey even I felt sick and I love flying. I hope the author wasn’t writing from experience.

The island setting, the mystery and the dual time line as we learn about the passengers fates was a lot of fun. Reminded me in places of that wild feeling I had when reading The Beach. With recent plane disappearances in the news, this had a feeling of being strangely relevant and timely.

Cracking mystery.

TheBookTrail’s full bookreview of The Castaways here

BookTrail Boarding Pass: The Castaways

Destination/location: Fiji   Author/guide: Lucy Clarke  Departure Time: 2000s

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