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Early 2000s: A snapshot of the city of Glasgow through the eyes of a sniper hell bent on terrorising the people, the police and the media

  • ISBN: 978-1847398802
  • Genre: Crime, Thriller

What you need to know before your trail

A lone sniper is terrorising Glasgow with a number of shootings. The victims are all notorious criminals in the city and figures wll known to the police and the underworld. More deaths occur however – police and innocent members of the public are also killed and soon the authorities realise they have a vigilante on their hands.

Police photographer Tony Winter notices something in one of his negatives that the forensic team has missed and so he launches an investigation of his own. DS Rachel Narey is working on the case of the death of a prostitute but even this case seems linked to the sniper.

All leads seem to be leading to one very dark place indeed…

Travel Guide

Craig Robertson is quite the guide to Glasgow! You’ll want to watch your back when you follow him around the city though in the hunt for the sniper who kills some 14 or so bodies just in the opening chapters! tony Winter’s camera is working overtime from the very beginning.

At first the city is not too concerned with the fact that only drug dealers are getting gunned down by an unknown vigilante. But then things take a desperate turn and innocents are killed.

Glasgow here is a city riddled with drugs, crime and the kinds of people you would not want to meet in any of its back alleys or even in a well light and built up area in the middle of the day! Tony Winter in particular is a photographer with a particular passion for capturing death. Eerie and creepy and he’s a member of the police!

“You were more likely to be murdered in Glasgow than in any other city in Western Europe.”

And it’s not just the murders that will shock you, the language is coarse and raw. Evocative of a time, place and the underworld but really darkens the already bleak landscape.

The sniper does help to clear much of the violence and grime of the streets though and there is a lot of Glaswegian history to learn so it’s not all dark!

“You couldn’t argue with the views, remnants of hundreds of  years of shipbuilding wherever you looked along with glimpses of new Glasgow in the shape of the Science Tower”

Streetview Maps

1) Glasgow - Buchannan Street
2) Glasgow Harbour
Something grim is found here

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