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  • Location: Glasgow and Los Angeles

Watch Him Die

Watch Him Die

Why a Booktrail?

2000s: Only one person can save you. And he wants you dead.


  • ISBN: B07PSK8K7S
  • Genre: Crime

What you need to know before your trail

The LAPD find a man dead at home. Nothing suggests foul-play but elements of the victim’s house show that something is deeply wrong.

Meanwhile, in Glasgow, DI Rachel Narey is searching for a missing young woman – and the man she suspects of killing her.

When a feed broadcasting the slow and painful death of a final victim is discovered, these two cases become linked.

There’s no way to identify him. No way to find him.  No way to save him. Not without the cooperation of a killer.

And the only way he will cooperate is if he can watch him die.

Travel Guide

Travel between Glasgow and Los Angeles BookTrail style

This novel links seamlessly between Los Angeles and Glagow but how a serial killer case in one be linked to crimes in another? That’s the genius of the trail which links between both places.

Los Angeles

This city is well explore and evoked. We start in Los Feliz which we are told is a hip and happening area. Well something very gory happens here, that’s for sure. The trail for the truth then takes us on  a very interesting tour of the city and its outskirts. There’s also mention of the infamous real life case of Elizabeth Smart – the Hollywood starlet who was found murdered in the area of Leimart Park. This case is analysed and referred to in the book along with other notorious crimes such as Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy and the Night Stalker. Not all took place in this city, but it does give a very macabre map to the whole thing.

We also venture further out into the heart of the Mojave desert and an abandoned Theme park. There’s a trail of five places towards the end of the book which highlight some lovely points of the city but it’s where one of the character has links to so might give the game away if mentioned here.

The real life case of Elisabeth Short is gruesome and gives some clues as to the nature of crimes in this book – shad been cut in two at the waist, and drained of blood. Her mouth had been slashed from ear to ear – a gruesome cut known as a Glasgow Smile. Apt then for the second location in the book:


You’ll be pleased to know that the pubs mentioned in the book are real! It adds a real authenticity to the whole nightlife and club scene of the city. The city is also well evoked from the glassy and smart police station on the banks of the Clyde to the pubs around the Grapes area of the city.

This is where the police investigation into a missing girl is on going and where Naylor follows a suspect into a chippy highlighting the many deep fried delights the city does actually offer.

Streetview Maps

A) USA - Los Angeles - Finley Avenue
B) USA - Los Angeles - 1000 Oaks
G) Scotland - Glasgow - Midlock Street
H) Scotland - Glasgow - Police station

Booktrail Boarding Pass: Watch Him Die

Destination/location: Glasgow and Los Angeles  Author/Guide: Craig Robertson  Departure Time: 2000s

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